This Association shall be a Non-Profit Association established to benefit the community at large.
The Primary purpose of the Association is to maintain a Volunteer Fire Department and a Community Building Complex to serve the Residents of Broad Creek, West Broad Creek including the community of Oceanwest to and includingRed Barn Road area and Gales Creek area east to theJumping Run Creek areaof Carteret County, North Carolina.
During the course of time, this Association may undertake other projects for the mutual benefit of the membership.

The dedicated residents of the area formed what is the Broad and Gales Creek Community Association in 1963 to help establish and oversee a Fire Department and provide a meeting place for the citizens of the communities. The Broad and Gales Creek Fire Department was first created in 1964 by theCommunity Association Board of Directors who wanted to provide fire protection for their community. In 1967 the residents created a fire tax district to help with the funding of the department, in 1970 the Gales Creek community established an additionalfire tax district to become part ofour Fire District, and in 1975 West Broad Creek Fire District, which includes the community of Ocean, was established thus creating the Broad and Gales Creek Fire District. All three areas were voted on and established as tax districts by the citizens of those communities.

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In 2009 the Carteret County Commissioners voted to include the Red Barn Road area to the existing West Broad Creek district completing what is now our fire district. The Red Barn Road area is considered a Service District instead of a Tax District due to that area being created by the Carteret County Commissioners for Fire and EMS service instead of being voted for in a general election held by the Board of Elections to become a Tax District.

Broad and Gales Creek EMS, Inc. does not fall under the purview of the Broad and Gales Creek Community Association, Inc., and therefore BGC Comm. Assoc. has no contractual, governing, or say in the BGC EMS, Inc.operations and also has no liability for that organization, other than leasing them a portion of the building at 3010 Hwy 24, Newport, NC.They havetheir own Charter, Bylaws, and Incorporation completely seperate from any other organization. They have their own Board of Directors that they are accountable to. The Broad and Gales Creek Community Association was kind enough to offerthem the use of the EMS Squad 18websitetab abovebutthey have chosen to not provide any information for the site at this time until certain issues are resolvedbetween them,the Fire and EMS Commission and the Carteret County Board of Commissioners.

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